Philip Roberts was born in England and educated at London University. After emigrating to the US, and working at a local model making company for 9 years, he founded Philip Roberts Models to fulfill the demand of local product designers and engineers in April 1988.

Located in Palo Alto, California, Philip Roberts Models works with a wide variety of clients, from start-ups looking to launch a new product to established and global corporations and design companies. A wide, deep and reliable network of local vendors provides Philip Roberts Models with the support services required to create the most demanding prototype finishes and access to all available materials.

Philip Roberts believes that strong communication with clients is crucial to the process of providing exactly what clients need or can visualize. Philip and his team focus on timeliness, quality and correct interpretation.

These company hallmarks have helped build a strong client base over the past 20 plus years. Recent clients include Tesla Motors, bCode, Zazzle, IDEO, SanDisk, Incase, Google Android, Speck, Cisco, MicroProbe, Lunar Design, SunEdison and MindTribe.