Philip Roberts Models provides a wide range of services and products. The following is a partial list of what we can do:

Appearance Models
•  Volumetric form studies
•  Presentation models
•  Trade show models
•  Photo/video props
•  Packaging study models
•  Display cases
•  Legal courtroom models

Engineering Services
•  Proofs of concept
•  Surface checks, for feel, ergonomics, and visual characteristics
•  Interferences or fit checks; snaps
•  Elastomeric checks; gaskets, seals
•  Bread boarding for working mechanical devices
•  Devices and modifications for development inventions, such as medical/surgical devices
•  Enclosures for electronics
•  Acoustic enclosures
•  Light pipes, texturing/polishing
•  Ingress/egress checks

•  Insulating shields
•  Air intake filters
•  Molds
•  Sheet metal spring plates
•  Vacuum forming parts